Monday, January 14, 2013

Ready for 2013 Blog Hop - time to start hopping!

It's time to start hopping...

How does it work? Super easy - all you need to do is visit the blogs listed at the end of this post sometime throughout the week. Show your support for these hard working bloggin' mommas by leaving them a comment after you've visited - and if you enjoyed their post, be sure to let them know as well. Why not "follow" their blog, subscribe to it or even link it up to your own blog if you have one? This is an awesome opportunity to learn some great stuff plus network with fellow team members. I know I read a lot of blogs and I can't tell you how many have helped me not only in my personal business but in my home life as well. The EtsyMom Team Leaders will also be commenting and following along to show our support as well. I'm excited to get started!

First up, we have a great post from Michelle over at Hi Mamma Designs about launching a new Kids Cooking Club section on her blog.

Next up is Tricia from Handmade Whimzy - she brings us an informative and helpful post about tips for packaging and shipping sold items. Check it out here:

Jenn from Lavender Avenue has a great post about things she's learned over the years to help simplify your life:

Kimberly from My Polka Dotted Bliss is sharing her brand new blog with us and reflects on what some life changing experiences from the past year have taught her:

Check back here throughout the week to see what our other bloggers have in store for 2013. Be sure to visit, leave a comment and/or follow along before the blog hop ends on January 19. Thanks everyone and enjoy!

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