Monday, April 29, 2013

Voting is Open! EtsyMom Team Spring Color Palette Challenge


An album has been added to the EtsyMom Team's Facebook page showcasing the products made for our Spring color palette challenge. Now it's time to vote for your favorite or favorites - if you have more than one.

Voting should be based on creativity - our team members have invested a lot of time and thought into coming up with these wonderful and creative items.

Voting will remain open until midnight EST Saturday, May 4. The number of “likes” will be tallied at the end of the night and the winner will be announced on Monday.

If you have not yet created a treasury on Etsy, remember that the most favorited and commented on treasury will also win a prize basket. If you create one, make sure you spread the word to your Etsy fans so they can check out your treasury, and of course, the items created by our team members.

So get out there - blog, tweet, post on facebook whatever you need to do to spread the word to your fans, friends and family. Tell them to head over to the EtsyMom Team Facebook Color Palette Challenge Album and vote for their favorite(s)!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The EtsyMom Team Spring Color Palette Challenge is Live!


Color Palette Challenge is live!

Many of the participants have "live" Color Palette Challenge listings now (a few more have yet to be added) and they are looking awesome!!!

For those that are participating - remember to make sure you’re using the challenge tag “EMCPC”. This MUST be included for your products to count in the challenge and to make it easy for the rest of us to create treasuries!

Let’s have some fun making those treasuries showcasing the EtsyMom Team’s talent and creativity from this challenge. Don't forget, if you create a treasury, be sure to tell your Etsy-using friends and families so they can comment on and "favorite" your treasury. The treasury that is favorited the most and receives the most comments will win a great prize basket. Post your treasuries in this thread on Etsy:

While you're checking out the entries - if you see something you love, why not purchase it and support your team members that way as well?? I've already seen lots of goodies I wouldn't mind having for myself :)

On Monday morning (April 29), an album will be posted to the EtsyMom Team Facebook Page with qualifying entries. Voting will start then and run through May 4. Be sure to vote & remind all your fans to vote too!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Featured Etsy Seller - Velvet Teacup

Coralie of the shop, Velvet Teacup, is this month's Featured Etsy seller. She is from the beautiful country of Australia and like most of us, has been creating for most of her life. She makes the most adorable bridal headpieces and accessories, I couldn't help but wish I knew all about her shop when I got married. Read all about her, visit her Etsy shop and I am sure you will recommend her shop to all your friends who are planning their weddings.


I am lucky to live in a pretty little rural corner of our country with my husband and family. While raising a family of three children I have probably morphed into a "Bowerbird" because I love anything colorful, pretty and shiny. I always start my day with Etsy and a cup of coffee at around 4.30 a.m.


My shop, VelvetTeacup, is a combination of hair accessories which I handmake using a variety of new and vintage millinery flowers. Flower crowns are my favorite but I also have wedding headpieces, woodland inspired combs , veils and fascinators.


An early love of sewing led me to a career in dressmaking which in turn led to making wedding gowns and as part of that process I moved into making the headpieces and accessories to match.


When you love flowers as much as I do the process is very simple. Sometimes a new idea comes as a result of seeing a particular colour combination, a wedding photo in a magazine or a collection of new flower arrivals on my work table. At other times it is just a matter of trial and error.


Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes a piece of jewelry will give me an idea and a huge inspiration for me was a collection of hats and headpieces from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London which came to Australia a while ago as part of a travelling exhibition. The colors of nature and the changing seasons also play a part here.


This is easy. I actually have two favorites. One is a flower crown in shades of purples and mauves which has become a popular seller and usually sells out rather quickly once I have listed it so I repeat this design often.

The other piece is a sweet little woodland comb in pinks with bramble berries and velvet leaves.


I am lucky to be a part of the Wandarrah Team here in Australia and they are great promoters so this has been a big help for me with Australian sales. There are many wonderful Etsy teams I am part of and they are all eager to help promote other sellers. Apart from the teams, I have a Facebook page linked to my shop. A little further down the track, I will submit some of my work to local publications for consideration.


The biggest lesson for me has been just to keep doing something for my business. This may be researching about trends, making the actual pieces, planning the next photoshoot or even painting props for my product photography. The next biggest lesson has been to stay positive and not to be influenced by what other sellers have in their shops. Being confident with my business has taken a while to achieve but just by "sticking at it", the confidence has come.


Give yourself time. Sales don't magically happen and when you have had an Etsy shop for a few months with only two sales, don't think you have failed. Make some new things and list them, change your titles and tags - every day if you have to and just keep going. As the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day".


Etsy shop:


Friday, April 12, 2013

Time to start the Challenge!



The deadline to enter your shop into the EtsyMom Spring Color Palette Challenge has passed.

If you signed up to participate…. here’s the recap on what you need to do!
  1. You’ve got until April 24th to make the items that will go into your shop. You may use one, two, three, four, five or ALL of the colors in the palette, but no matter what color(s) you choose, be sure to be CREATIVE. You may enter as many items as you want into the challenge.
  2. Once your items are made & photographed, you’re going to list them in your shop as a DRAFT listing. Be sure your first photo rocks since that’s what people are going to see in the treasuries.
  3. You’ll then make your listings live on April 24th!!! Remember to tag your listing with “EMCPC“ in order for your entries to count!

Sounds easy enough, right – so let’s get creating. Remember to tell your friends, family, fans and followers what you’re up to. The Challenge winner will be chosen based on how many votes their item receives. It’s your job to hype up this event so they can come & vote for the best item… Let’s work hard on making our products great for the event. May the best mom win!

For those of us who couldn’t participate in the challenge, we can still use this opportunity to promote our team and members by making some really great treasuries from all the entries. One treasury curator will have a chance to win too, based on the number of “favorites” and comments via Etsy. So be ready to make those treasuries on April 24.

So here’s the FINAL LIST OF PARTICIPATING shops that have signed up for the event. We are excited to see many new shops participating:

Hi Mamma


Sokava Designs LLC

New England Quilter


Kendall's Closet of Cute Productions


Happy Tree Press



Creative Art By ME



Lovely Kensie



Polka Dotted Bliss

Last but not least, we want to thank all the shops that volunteered to sponsor this event! You all are SOOOO generous! Here is the list of our FABULOUS SPONSOR SHOPS. The winners will receive a gift basket with goodies from these shops.

Hi Mamma

Right As Rain Creations

Stoney Mist Designs



Loud Waterfall Photo


Sassafras Saige

Are you ready? Are you excited? Alright then...get to creating & promoting & good luck everyone!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below or on the team FB page & we’ll get them answered!


Monday, April 1, 2013

EtsyMom Team Spring 2013 Color Palette Challenge


And we have a winning palette!!! Berry Brights received the most votes making it the palette for the ETSYMOM TEAM SPRING COLOR PALETTE CHALLENGE!


The Color Palette Challenge is one of our best events. If you have not participated before, maybe these reasons will help persuade you to try it out this time around:
  1. It’s sure to benefit your business
  2. It may help you make more sales
  3. You’ll get to be featured in some treasuries
  4. You’re going to be blogged about, Tweeted about, & Facebooked about
  5. You’ll get increased exposure
  6. You could win some really cool free stuff

Doesn't that sound good?

We’re changing the rules of the challenge just a smidge from the last couple times, so pay attention. This year, we will have 2 winners for the challenge: 1 winner for receiving the most votes for their color palette item and 1 winner who creates the most popular treasury.

how does it work

1. You’ll need to sign up to participate in the challenge by filling out this sign up form - you’ve got until April 10 to register your shop.

2. Once you’re registered, you’ve got until April 24th to make the items that will go into your shop. You may use one, two, three, four, five or ALL of the colors in the palette, but no matter what color(s) you choose, be sure to be CREATIVE. To change it up a bit too, this time, you can enter as many items as you want into the challenge.

3. Once your items are made & photographed, you’re going to list them for sale in your shop, but DON’T make the listing live until April 24th!!! You’ll need to tag your listing with “EMCPC” in order for your entries to count & remember…you want that first photo to rock since that’s what people are going to see in the treasuries.

4. Once items are live, EtsyMom team members should start making treasuries. The treasury that receives the most comments and is “favorited” the most will be one of our winners.

5. Photos and links to entries will be posted on Facebook on April 29th. Voting will run from April 29th through May 4th. Anyone can vote, so spread the word!

6. The item that receives the most “likes” will be the winner. And as mentioned previously, the member who creates the most popular Etsy treasury will also win. Winners will be announced on the blog on May 6th.

7. If you are a winner, a prize basket of goodies donated by some of our fabulous team members will be yours.

So what do you think? Have questions? We’ve got answers! Ask away in the comments below or email us at


We still need prizes for this challenge. If you haven’t already donated a prize for a past challenge, please head over to this form to sign up. As always, we could not do these contests without the generosity of our team members.


We want this event to continue to be great, awesome, superb and successful! But you know we can’t do that without you. So whether you decide to participate, be a sponsor (or do both, or do neither), we could still use your help promoting this event.

So tweet about this event or link to it on Facebook. Chat it up on Etsy and Blog about it! We sure would appreciate it! Let's show the world all the talent and creativity our team has to offer.

And now for the fine print…. participation in this contest is open to EtsyMom Team Members Only. If you would like more information on becoming a member, or if you are unsure of your membership status – please contact us right away at

Good luck everyone! We can’t wait to see everyone’s entries!