Friday, April 12, 2013

Time to start the Challenge!



The deadline to enter your shop into the EtsyMom Spring Color Palette Challenge has passed.

If you signed up to participate…. here’s the recap on what you need to do!
  1. You’ve got until April 24th to make the items that will go into your shop. You may use one, two, three, four, five or ALL of the colors in the palette, but no matter what color(s) you choose, be sure to be CREATIVE. You may enter as many items as you want into the challenge.
  2. Once your items are made & photographed, you’re going to list them in your shop as a DRAFT listing. Be sure your first photo rocks since that’s what people are going to see in the treasuries.
  3. You’ll then make your listings live on April 24th!!! Remember to tag your listing with “EMCPC“ in order for your entries to count!

Sounds easy enough, right – so let’s get creating. Remember to tell your friends, family, fans and followers what you’re up to. The Challenge winner will be chosen based on how many votes their item receives. It’s your job to hype up this event so they can come & vote for the best item… Let’s work hard on making our products great for the event. May the best mom win!

For those of us who couldn’t participate in the challenge, we can still use this opportunity to promote our team and members by making some really great treasuries from all the entries. One treasury curator will have a chance to win too, based on the number of “favorites” and comments via Etsy. So be ready to make those treasuries on April 24.

So here’s the FINAL LIST OF PARTICIPATING shops that have signed up for the event. We are excited to see many new shops participating:

Hi Mamma


Sokava Designs LLC

New England Quilter


Kendall's Closet of Cute Productions


Happy Tree Press



Creative Art By ME



Lovely Kensie



Polka Dotted Bliss

Last but not least, we want to thank all the shops that volunteered to sponsor this event! You all are SOOOO generous! Here is the list of our FABULOUS SPONSOR SHOPS. The winners will receive a gift basket with goodies from these shops.

Hi Mamma

Right As Rain Creations

Stoney Mist Designs



Loud Waterfall Photo


Sassafras Saige

Are you ready? Are you excited? Alright then...get to creating & promoting & good luck everyone!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below or on the team FB page & we’ll get them answered!


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