Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August Gift Guide: Summer Days, summer nights

'Summer days Summer nights' by VelaCama

This treasury is inspired by the final days of summer. Let's have fun and race to enjoy the last days of summer before autumn arrives!Most of these items are from the EtsyMom Team.

11x14 - Daisyfield - ver...

Bridal Antique Bronze Khaki ...

Sweetest Simplicities Girls ...

Soft Rabbit Friends - Bright...

Natural Burlap Table Runner ...

Shampoo Bar Set of 3 Your Ch...

Felt Ocean Friends - FREE SH...

Shades of Summer Wreath - na...

Petite Initials Necklace - C...

READY TO SHIP: Hepburn Twirl...

SALE - 15% OFF - Facial Clot...

Dog Bow Tie Lavender Seersuc...

11x14 - Sleep Under The Sta...

Lavender Sachet Set of 3, Bl...

Travel Journal, Travel Scrap...

Summertime Activities & Idea...

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Bookkeeping For Your Etsy Business

A couple months back we were contacted by our own lovely Lisa from petitetuques, as she has a wonderful skill she wanted to share.  Lisa is a bookkeeper and gave Jenn and I a taste for her talents by letting us review her free e-book on bookkeeping for your Etsy business.  Let me tell you, this e-book is amazing!  Not only does she walk you through step-by-step on how to set up a fantastic bookkeeping program that will work for you (and works directly with paypal and Etsy), but she also gives you little tidbits about things like the difference between accounting and bookkeeping (I didn't know there was a difference - boy was I wrong!).  Lisa has gone to school to learn anything and everything you need to know about the financial side of running a business and she's willing to share that information with our team.

To receive Lisa's free e-book on Bookkeeping For Your Etsy Business, sign up for her newsletter here.  Once you've confirmed your email address, you'll receive an email with the e-book in it.

To sweeten the pot, Lisa has also graciously offered to provide her services FOR FREE for up to three members.  How can you possibly pass on this opportunity?!  Once you've signed up for her newsletter and received her e-book, "like" her business page on facebook and leave a comment/reply on this post. Up to three lucky winners will be chosen from the comments by Lisa next Wednesday, August 7th!

So again:
Step One: sign up for her newsletter
Step Two"like" her business page
Step Three: leave a comment
Deadline: August 6th

This is, guaranteed, the first step to a successful Etsy business!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Blog Series: How Do You Define Success? Week 2

Find out who you are and do it on purpose - modern - typography - quote - do it yourself DIY printable 

2. Unsubscribe From Every Blog and Newsletter That Make You Feel “Less Than,” Icky, or Overwhelmed.

If it makes you feel icky, it’s not for you  simple as that. Nothing that you’re taking in should make you feel bad about yourself. Unsubscribe! Even if you think you should read it because everyone else is, or because they’re an industry expert, or whatever  if it makes you feel icky or small, nix it. Then bask in the feeling of empowerment that follows!

To take this concept a little further, think about this. It's natural to compare your shop and your work to others but does it really do you any good? Here are some reasons not to compare yourself to others: 
  1. People tend to blog their successes. What you don’t see are the stories about bad planning, extra costs, lower than expected sales, slow months. What’s the whole story?
  2. Where you are and where you are going is different from everyone else. What are YOUR goals? Where do YOU want to end up?
  3. When you are struggling, comparing yourself to the image of someone else's success is just depressing. Stop!
  4. Believe in your prices. If you have done the math and you feel confident, be confident!
  5. Stick to your unique market. Find the things that work in your niche.  Follow your plan and see where it takes you.

This is not to say there is not a time and place for comparison. Market research is an example of proper comparison.  Just remember. There is always more going on behind the scenes. 

How do you keep up your confidence and stick to your goals, even when it's hard? Tell us in the comments.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Linky Party

Each Sunday, we will start a linky party on our blog - add your latest blog post or a new item in your shop and check out what others are adding as well!  This is a great way to promote what you're working on and to also learn what others are working on.  Every once in a while, we'll have a theme - pay attention to the themes!  We'll give you advanced notice when a themed linky will be going up so you can prepare for it.

Questions?  Leave us a comment!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Gift Guide - July

'Summer's Not Over Yet!' by stacineville

Lemonade Stand Banner, Birth...

PREPPY WHALE Applique Party ...

Bohemian Rhapsody Skirt Cust...

Sailing Terms Pillow - Wind ...

Whale of a Good Time - Reusa...

Hello Dolly Orange - 8x10 Fl...

Eco- Friendly-Game- Kids- Wo...

Wildflowers Headband - Adult...

Fabric Wrapped Paper Tray/In...

Sunshine Chevron Headband: ...

LiliBug Paci Finder Baseball...

cookout invitation

10 Color Retro Funny Summer ...

Squeezed Daily Lemonade Stan...

Large - Reversible Summer Be...

Summer dress necktie brother...

Blog Series: How Do You Define Success? Week 1


image credit 

Welcome to week 1 of our new blog series!  Leave a comment letting us know what your ideal life looks like.We can't wait to find out how you dream of living life.

1. Create [Your Name Here] Land

Close your eyes and dream up what your ideal life might look like. One where you feel the most like you, where you’re filled with joy, where you’re doing work that you love, where you’re surrounded by the type of people you resonate with. Don’t worry if it seems crazy or unattainable. Just sink into that feeling of a life you would love living, and let yourself marinate in it.