Friday, July 5, 2013

Christmas in July Credit Sale

One of the Etsy vendor emails I subscribe to is from Etsy On Sale. Have you used this site before? It's pretty cool. The basic premise of the site is a way for you to keep your listings up-to-date on your shop. You can purchase credits to update all of your listings at once (change tags, give a discount, etc), make changes to one section of your shop, renew expiring listings, etc. It's all pretty cool and super helpful!

Either way, I just got an email from them stating the following:

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is nearly upon us, and it's time to get your sales events scheduled. Last year EOS users sold nearly 40,000 items as part of Christmas in July promotions. If you're wondering what this "CIJ" hubbub is all about check out the post from the CIJ team to find out how to participate in this community-driven event.

CIJ Credit Sale

To help celebrate this event EOS is running a credit sale, so now's your chance to stock up! Starting today, when you purchase a 100-pack of credits for $25, you will receive an additional 25 credits FREE. This offer expires on July 11th, so don't miss out on this awesome deal!

How helpful is THAT?! You really should check out the Etsy On Sale website if you haven't already. I use them regularly and have for CIJ several times. It's great being able to set a time limit for sales - and they'll do all the work for you! I couldn't give a higher recommendation for this site.

If you are participating in the EtsyMom Team CIJ Promotions, this might be really helpful for you!

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