Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blog Series: How Do You Define Success? Week 3

3. Assess Your Current Beliefs About Success. Question Everything.

Take five minutes to quickly write down all your beliefs about success. Don’t think about it too much  just get your initial thought on the page as fast as you can. Look over the list. Really think about each belief you wrote down. Is it something you truly believe? Is it something you picked up from childhood? Are there beliefs that need updating?

Cross out all the beliefs you disagree with.

Make a list of new beliefs about success. Take a new mental snapshot of what success looks like to you. If it’s helpful, start with this phrase: “I am willing to believe that success is…” Sometimes this phrase is helpful because it can give you some space to move into the belief and try it out. Read this phrase every day, to remind yourself of your new belief.
(How Do You Define Success? Etsy blog)

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