Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Instagram for Business Use

Instagram is yet another social media place where people go to upload photos and collages instead of status updates. These posts are then seen by people and "Hearted", and can take people to your business page.

How many of you knew you could use Instagram (IG) for business use as well? I know I barely found out a few months ago. Well. How many of you knew, you can use hashtags on Facebook to link people to help find your IG? That is also a new feature.


How it works:
1) Get an Instagram Account (Mine is Crystals7Creations)
(Should use your business name so everything is consistent. Leave your privacy unlocked so people can find your work, if not, it won't be very helpful!

2)Upload , edit,and  frame your pictures. If that is what you choose after you finish exploring the features , that is.

3)Watermark them with the features available . 

4)Add a description of the product(s) you are uploading.
(Etc, Zipper Flower Hair Clip)

5) Add Hashtags so people can find you , much like Pinterest. 
(Ex. #Crystals7Creations #EtsyMom #Zipperflowerclip.)

By setting up an account, either on your phone, tablet, ipad, or computer you are essentially giving your business free advertisement. What could be better than that??! Don't be afraid to play around with it at first, and learn on the features Instagram offers.

Using Instagram with Facebook:
1) Upload your pics as usual, and after you enter a description, enter some hashtags, which will be clickable to viewers after , and take them to your IG. 

2) On Status updates use any of your hashtags to help take people to your Ig, and get more followers, customers, and people seeing your work!

Since starting up my own business IG, and using it, I have had many people see my work, more than just who lives in my state and city. It is much like Pinterest, where you find awesome ideas and directions, however, Ig is only pictures and hashtags, #.

One you set yours up, link it to Etsy Mom so we can all follow one another!! I can't wait to see how it works for you!



  1. thanks Crystal! I'm @twelve2Dana and I started following you. IG has been GREAT for me so far!

  2. Thanks Dana! I will be looking for you on IG. I am glad you have had such a great outcome!Hope more success to all of you!