Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Social media has become the most popular place for Etsy shop owners to promote their products and connect with customers. Almost all us sellers have either a Facebook page for our business or a Twitter account or a Google+ profile or a Pinterest board where we share all of our latest listings and special promos.  However, more often than not, we end up spending much too much time on social media with very little results.  Yes, social media provides us with free advertising, but most of the time, the tweets or facebook posts that we think will result in views and sales just do not deliver.

So, what are we doing wrong? Well, more often than not, we treat social media simply as a promoting/marketing tool. We fail to be “social”. We fail to engage with our customers, followers and fans.

Here are 3 things to consider when using social media to grow your business:

1.  You do not have to be everywhere.

Let’s face it. We are moms and we run very busy lives. We manage our households, take care of the kids, may or may not have jobs outside the home AND we run an Etsy business. Our time is precious and very limited. We cannot spread ourselves too thin by joining all the forms of social media out there. We should pick and choose sites that are right for our business and just concentrate on those. Think about which sites feel right for you. Which site or sites are you most comfortable using? Which site or sites do you actually enjoy spending time on? And, most importantly, where do most of your customers usually hang out?

2. Consistency is key.

Just like with our Etsy shops, just because you set up your business page or account on social media, does not mean your customers will come and like/follow you. It does not even mean that your posts will automatically appear on your followers’ feeds. The key to using social media for your business is to post consistently.  Have some sort of plan or schedule (for each day, week, month or even year):
-       What to post about – have a good mix of promoting, informing, and engaging
-       When to post – try to determine when your target market is usually online and post then (for example, if your main customers are working mothers, you might want to post during the evenings instead of during the day)

 3. Don’t just promote. Interact with your customers and followers.

Do not be one-sided. Social media is for being social after all so do not just sell. If all of your posts are just about your shop or your products, you posts will most likely just be ignored and you are likely to lose followers. Instead, use social media to interact with your customers and followers. Engage with them, reply to others’ posts, and start discussions. Also, ask questions and allow your followers to post answers on your page.
There are so many ways businesses can use social media to reach and grow their customer base.  So, this week, we start a month-long blog series on using social media for our businesses. Each week, we will post an article where we will share tips and information on a particular form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram). Feel free to comment on each post, including this one, with other social media tips or advice you may have. Let’s all learn how we can better use each form of social media to help promote our Etsy shops, to increase our online business presence and to connect with our customers.


  1. It's easy to choose too many forms of social media, just like it's so easy to spend all day watching your facebook feed or reading blogs. You have to force yourself away from the computer just to get any work done.

  2. Forgot to say, Thanks for the great article. :)

  3. That is so true, Handmade Whimzy! I can remember when I first joined Facebook and Twitter. I spent more time browsing and scrolling through my feed, than crafting. Now, I try to schedule the time I update my social media accounts so I don't end up wasting an entire day and not getting anything done.