Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Facebook is the heavyweight of social media. It is the only site that can boast of having 1+ billion users worldwide. Logically, you would think that this means that it is THE social media site that has the widest reach. Well, maybe it does. However, Facebook also makes use of an algorithm to determine which posts appear on each user’s news feed.  Just because you posted something on your business page does not mean it automatically appears on your likers’ feeds.

This article ( helps explain how Facebook’s algorithm works. Basically, more and more Facebook users (with hundreds of friends each) are liking more and more business pages that there is no possible way every post can appear on each user’s feed. So, Facebook has to pick and choose which posts to show. Some factors they consider is the type of post, the recency of the post and how popular the post is.

What does this all mean?  It means we cannot just post a link to our latest Etsy listings and expect our likers to see it. Our post should be interesting enough for our readers to “like” it and comment on it.  Here are some tips to help our business pages perfom better on Facebook:

  1. Post regularly.  Update your Facebook page at least a few times a week.  Daily would be even better. Our Facebook page reflects our business and if someone looks at our page and sees that we haven’t posted anything in weeks, it reflects poorly on us and looks unprofessional.
  2. Post photos more often than links. Photos generally catch the eye of the reader better and get more likes than simple text.  So, if you have an article to share, post it as a photo and just include the link in the description.
  3. Boost posts and use Facebook ads.
  4.  Interact with others. Reply to comments, likes and questions posted on your business page. If another business posts about you or your shop, make sure to give them some love back by visiting and commenting on their Facebook business pages.
  5. Offline, ask your friends and family to like and share your business posts. Based on Facebook’s algorithm, the more likes and shares your post has, the more “popular” it is. So, the more people you can get to react to your posts, the better.  Do not, however, post on Facebook asking for likes. Facebook’s algorithm now looks for these kinds of posts (which they consider “spammy”) and punish the pages that ask for likes.
  6.  Schedule posts when you are on vacation or during hectic weeks. On Facebook, you can write posts and schedule them to appear your page on a future date.  Use this function whenever necessary to ensure that you have regular posts on your business page.

Do you have other tips that you can add to this list? Have you had your own success in user Facebook to market your business? Share it in the comments below.

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