Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Instagram is a social networking service where users share photos and videos, instead of just text status updates. It has been around for a couple of years now, but honestly, I have not really started using it until early this year. Despite being late to the party, I have grown to seriously LOVE Instagram, not only because it involves looking at lots of pretty photos, but also because it is also having a good impact on my handmade jewelry business. So, for this week’s social media post, I thought I would share a few tips I have learned on how to gain followers and promote your Etsy shops using Instagram.

9 Essential Tips For Promoting With Instagram

  1. Make sure your Instagram profile has a link to your Etsy shop. Also, complete the BIO portion of your profile to describe you and what you do.
  2. Post daily but don’t just post photos of your products. Also show other aspects of your business such as your workspace, materials/tools, etc. Everyone loves to get a little sneek peak of your creative process.
  3. Always use hashtags with your photos. This is one way people can find you. Some popular hashtags I have seen are #etsy #etsyshop, #handmade, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #igdaily, #love, #instagood, and #fashion.
  4. Experiment with using different filters for your products’ photos. There are so many to choose from so make sure you are using the one that showcases your products the best. 
  5. Respond to comments. As always, engaging with people and potential customers is the main goal of social media.
  6. Like other people’s photos and leave engaging comments on the photos of people you are following.
  7. You can add watermarks to your photos to make sure people know what your business name is.  However, make sure you keep the watermark simple and small so as not to take anything away from your beautiful photo.
  8. Share your Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook to reach more followers.
  9. If you can, ask your customers to post photos of them using your products on their Instagram feed. It helps not only reach more potential customers but also provides positive feedback to your work.

As I mentioned, I have only been active in Instagram for a few months. (You can find me at @tamsytrends, in case you want to connect.) But, in that short time and using these tips, I have consistently grew my number of followers AND I have started getting inquiries from prospective customers on Instagram. For all of you who have been using Instagram for a while for your business, I am sure you also have some advice or a tip or two to share.  That's what comments are for, so please do share :)

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