Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Many of us Etsymoms are already trying our hand at Twitter, but for those who haven’t joined the bandwagon yet, Twitter ( is a social networking tool that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages, called “tweets”.
Tweets can include texts, links to a particular website (such as your listings on Etsy) and a photo or video. With your own Twitter account, you can choose to follow other people or businesses and other people can follow you. This allows you to read other people’s tweets, to reply to them, or to share their tweets with your followers (retweeting). Twitter is probably the easiest and fastest way to connect with people all over the world nowadays, with over 600 million total users (about 240 million active users) posting an average of 5,700 tweets every second*.  


Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to using Twitter for your business:
  • DO fill out your profile. Include your name, location, a profile photo and a short bio (with a link to your shop).
  • DON’T use all CAPITAL LETTERS in your tweets.  This is the equivalent of shouting to your followers.
  • DO tweet regularly. With so many users on twitter, one tweet usually doesn’t appear on your followers’ feeds for very long. Tweeting regularly, at different times of the day, helps you stay in their feeds and in their minds.
  • DON'T send a tweet without checking your spelling. Spelling mistakes will make you look unprofessional and customers tend to avoid unprofessional people.
  • DO make your tweets interesting.  Tweets that simply state your listing (for example, “Strappy Red High Heels by MyEtsyShop [link] @Etsy) are boring and will most likely just be ignored. Instead, appeal to your followers’ curiosity (for example, “What one should never be without on a girl’s night out [link]”). More interesting tweets will gain you plenty more listing views, and a loyal Twitter following.
  • DON’T just tweet your listings. The common tip is to only tweet about your listings 1/3 of the time.  The rest of your tweets should be about other topics.
  • DO use #Hashtags – a hashtag is simply a word or a phrase with a ‘#’ in front of it. Hashtags are used denote a conversation on Twitter and you can search for a particular hashtag to get into and connect with the right conversations.
  • DON’T use too many #Hashtags. Don’t go overboard with hashtags. The general rule is no more than two hashtags per tweet.
  • DO engage with your followers. Reply to others, retweet, chat it up with your followers and join Twitter parties, if possible. Again, the main goal of social networks is to interact with others.
  • DON’T ignore others who tweet about or retweet you. Acknowledge them, even if it is just with a simple thank you, or just by making their tweets about you one of your “favorites”.

Do you have any other Do’s and Don’t to include to this list? Feel free to share them by adding a comment below. 

* Statistics courtesy of Leverage (

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