Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Changing Colors of Home Decor

I don’t know about you, but there is always something with Fall that makes me feel like renewing and refreshing my home space. I realize this sounds completely awkward, given its Fall…leaves will be falling in most places, sunshine will be replaced with cloudy skies, and rain will be replaced with snow. Maybe it’s the whole back to school mentality – new, fresh school supplies (“bouquets of sharpened pencils”…quick! What movie is that from?) and new school clothes. It all just makes me take a new look at my home, my décor and my colors to see what I can possibly do to freshen things up a bit.

And the home décor designers and stores get this too – they know that with the season change, people want to change their homes. My mailbox has been flooded with updated catalogs with the latest in Fall patterns, colors, and designs. Just last week alone, in one day, I received catalogs from: Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Crate & Barrel and CB2. In one day. That doesn’t even count the magazines I receive monthly: House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and even Real Simple, all get in on the Fall “I-must-renew-my-space” action! Plus, all of the fantastic ideas you can find online from some of my faves like,,, and!

So, what’s the latest? We all see popular patterns and colors that seem to be everywhere. But what is “in” right now if you’re looking to make a little (or big) change to your nest? Here are just a few of the lovelies I found at some of my favorite décor sources!

Combining Traditional with Modern from Target

When it comes to fall colors, I always think of rich oranges, browns and reds. This simply lovely area rug from Threshold at Target combines so many fantastic elements. For one, color. I love that this blends a very traditional Fall-like burnt orange, with a much more modern (and the new neutral) platinum grey. Combine these colors with a more traditional, large scale damask pattern, and you have the perfect blend of traditional yet contemporary.

The Threshold Exploded Damask Area Rug from Target

A Twist on the Traditional Curtain from Crate & Barrel

Window treatments are one of my very favorite décor elements. They can add drama, they can be completely practical, or they can add visual appeal. This season, it seems like many panels are going for the dual visual appeal and practical approach. Gone are the heavy, velvety curtains (don’t worry – they are still out there!) which have been replaced with very natural fabrics (think linen) with patterns that remind you of world travels. 

The Skylar Curtain Panel from Crate & Barrel

A Different Approach to Children’s Spaces from Project Nursery

One of my favorite places to decorate in the home are children’s spaces. And, boy are we seeing a transition in the design of nurseries! Traditional pastels (pink for girls, blue for boys) have been replaced with bolder, richer, more modern designs – anything from bright and bold colors, to a more woodland design approach (can you say “what does the fox say?”) is taking over both nurseries for boys and girls!

Fox Nursery by scampbell on Project Nursery
Bold, Vibrant Paint Hues and Trends from HGTV

We can’t talk about seasonal décor changes without talking about one of the easiest décor elements to change: paint. A simple coat of paint can completely transform a space and give your home a completely different feel. While it’s laborious, it’s one of my very favorite changes to make. For Fall, the paint trends are much, much more than just your saffron, chocolate brown and merlot….we’re seeing goldenrod, radiant orchid and emerald green, which I love (and which all happen to work well with your more expected Fall colors!)

New Ways To Use Fall’s Trending Colors

Metallics, Naturals + Industrial Décor from

And, finally one of my very favorites for trending home décor…! What I love about Etsy is there’s so much from all over the world. And, the décor trends on Etsy this year are following right with what we’re seeing with mainstream décor outlets. Metallics. Industrial materials. More utilitarian. Blended soft, natural materials like knitted items, with very organic and natural burlaps and more! I’ve put together a nice little treasury over on Etsy with some of my faves!

Throw Pillow Cover by TheHomeCentric on Etsy. 

Tell me: what do you think of this season’s trends? Would you incorporate any of these into your home décor? Are you planning any décor changes this Fall?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Advertising Opportunity for all EtsyMoms

It's that time of year again and just like all business owners, we, as Etsy shop owners, are constantly in search of opportunities to advertise our products and our shops.  Well, one of our EtsyMom team members has one such opportunity.  Michelle Vackar of Hi Mamma is helping to relaunch Modern Handmade Child magazine which will be having a publishing date of November 2014 (winter issue) and they are in search of handmade businesses interested in promotions.  Here's a note from her:

Modern Handmade Child has a diverse readership interested in a variety of subjects including DIY, home decor, sewing, cooking, health, art and education. Our mission is to provide a fun and valuable resource helping families to embrace the handmade way of life by intertwining the skills and values of the days gone by with the trends and technology of today. 

Our readers come from various backgrounds and countries all around the world. We cater to parents, families and independent business owners. Readers and visitors may interact with magazine pages by zooming in and out and clicking through to any advertiser’s website.

We are offering to handmade businesses the opportunity of purchasing one ad for the winter issue and receiving a second ad free in the spring 2015 issue, of the same size. We also have various mentions that we will be doing during each issue to recognize your business based upon the ad that is purchased.

Here is the MHC Media Card with various opportunities. Deadline for applications is October 15, 2014.