Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Advertising Opportunity for all EtsyMoms

It's that time of year again and just like all business owners, we, as Etsy shop owners, are constantly in search of opportunities to advertise our products and our shops.  Well, one of our EtsyMom team members has one such opportunity.  Michelle Vackar of Hi Mamma is helping to relaunch Modern Handmade Child magazine which will be having a publishing date of November 2014 (winter issue) and they are in search of handmade businesses interested in promotions.  Here's a note from her:

Modern Handmade Child has a diverse readership interested in a variety of subjects including DIY, home decor, sewing, cooking, health, art and education. Our mission is to provide a fun and valuable resource helping families to embrace the handmade way of life by intertwining the skills and values of the days gone by with the trends and technology of today. 

Our readers come from various backgrounds and countries all around the world. We cater to parents, families and independent business owners. Readers and visitors may interact with magazine pages by zooming in and out and clicking through to any advertiser’s website.

We are offering to handmade businesses the opportunity of purchasing one ad for the winter issue and receiving a second ad free in the spring 2015 issue, of the same size. We also have various mentions that we will be doing during each issue to recognize your business based upon the ad that is purchased.

Here is the MHC Media Card with various opportunities. Deadline for applications is October 15, 2014.


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