Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Organization...It Can Happen!

I’ve seen so many social media posts lately from fellow moms – Etsy artists and non-Etsy artists – who are bound and determined to get organized this summer. Now that the craziness of the school year is behind us, and the days of summer are here, I know I’m working to get my to-do list back in order…not just for my full-time job, but for my family, our house, and of course, my Etsy store!

There are so many amazing tools that we can use to help get things in order, whether you prefer classical paper-based systems, mobile options, or online options! I can personally say that I have adopted all three types in some way, shape or form to help me get and stay organized!

The Paper Source Great Big Calendar.
Photo Provided by re-nest studio
Starting with paper-based ideas…I am personally a huge fan of old school options such as planners, and giant desk calendars. There’s just something about writing something down in either a planner or on a calendar that just brings a sense of community to the house (and totally satisfies my obsession with crossing things off my list!) My very favorite desk calendar is from Paper Source, and features kraft paper with fun colors that rotate throughout the year. Oh, and they make the calendar as an academic calendar, which is super nice when it’s time for school to start! I have two of these in my little world: one on my desk at my full-time job, and one that hangs in our workstation in our home.

I also love planners. It’s the one place where I keep our calendar events, all of my work + personal + Etsy shop to-dos , organize paper bills + invitations, and generally, feel like I have it all together. I’ve used a couple of different paper planners over the years, and this year, I’m trying out a planner from I always manage to get a few laughs from people who are shocked that in today’s electronic age, I’m carrying around a paper planner. But I have to admit, it’s pretty, and I also love at the end of the year, to look back and see everything that I’ve accomplished throughout the year.

The Erin Condren Life Planner with a Customizable Cover

The Month-At-A-Glance Pages with an Erin Condren Life Planner

In the electronic organization world, there are limitless ways to stay organized! Besides the calendar tools available with Google and other online e-mail providers, one of my go-to tools for keeping my projects + to-dos together is Evernote. Totally online + mobile too, I’ve been using Evernote for about six months for my virtual to-do lists. And, another awesome function it provides is that it lets you take all of those bookmarked and “favorites” in your web browser, and put them in one of your Notes, to access anywhere, anytime, and not just on the device you saved them on! Isn’t that awesome? You can even silo your Notes and create Notebooks for the different areas of your life; for example, I have one for Work, Personal, and for my Etsy store! (As a side note, this has been a life saver for me as I plan + pull off my kids’ birthday parties! I have my whole list in Evernote, and as I’m out and about, I can pull it up on my phone, and double-check what I need.)

The Evernote Notebook: With Separate Notes for Each Need!

An Evernote Note

Tell Us: So, what about you? What are your must-have tools for keeping your world organized?