Meet the Admins

We would like to welcome all of our new members! As most of you know, the EtsyMom Street Team is dedicated to promoting women artists and crafters who also share the joy of being mothers. Some of our members work from home, some work from other places, but we all share a love of creating beautiful, useful, artful things.

Jodi Doody, of HappyHouseQuilts and creator of the team, always said she wanted the team to be a "soft place to land for moms!" She understood that "life" happens and that members may need time away. At the same time, the team grows daily! With such a large membership, who provides continuity and keeps everything running smoothly? Let's go behind the scenes of the EtsyMom team to meet some of our administrators, the awesome women who support us all!

Shopname: Crystal's Creations (
Responsibilities: Co-Leader, Welcome Committee Co-Head
Why I joined EtsyMom: I joined Etsy Mom to be a part of a team where Moms can get together and learn from one another. I wanted a community to be engaged with such as this one.
What I like about selling on Etsy: I like the ease of adding items, the joy of finding out someone purchased your items, and to see where they are purchased from.

Name: Maite
Shopname: Tamsy Trends (
Responsibilities: Co-Leader
Why I joined EtsyMom: I joined Etsy Mom to meet other mothers who are also Etsy sellers. I love the support the Etsy Mom team offers all mothers who are trying their best to build their handmade businesses while raising their families.
What I like about selling on Etsy: Etsy is a great place to buy and sell handmade. I love the flexibility it offers as well as the ease of finding new customers, not just locally but worldwide.

Name: Jennifer
Shopname: lavenderave (
Responsibilities: Co-Leader, Etsy Mom Curator Award (EMCA) and Gift Guide Committee
Why I joined Etsymom: I wanted to meet other Moms who were working to build a business, balancing home and family with work - looking for support. It is a fantastic group of women.
What I like about selling on Etsy: Etsy is a great place to find unique and amazing things, so fun to shop. I like selling on Etsy because it's very flexible, great for a busy mom. Also, the customers tend to appreciate the value of handmade items.

Name: Meg
Shopname: Beachside Treasures (
Responsibilities: EMCA Committee
Why I joined Etsymom: I joined EtsyMom because I thought it would be a great way to meet other moms all over the world who have a passion for crafting just like me. It's wonderful to have a network like this to help give each other support and encouragement, especially while trying to juggle a household, family, jobs, and our shops. Nowhere else have I found a group full of such amazing women who know exactly what I'm going thru all the time!
What I like about selling on Etsy: I love that I'm surrounded by other artists and draftees, and that people buying from Etsy appreciate handmade from the heart items rather than just some trinkets bought at some big box store. Plus, how else are you going to meet so many other artisans in one place, all full of unique and creative ideas to help you succeed and willing to share?

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